UiT Machine Learning Group

Pushing the frontier

Powered by the cool Arctic air, and located at 70° north, the core strength of the Machine Learning Group at UiT The Arctic University of Norway is in basic research for advancing statistical machine learning & AI methodology to face the societal and industrial data-driven challenges of the future.

The UiT Machine Learning Group is hosting the annual Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop. Please see: nldl.org


  • New paper! "LS-Net: Fast Single-Shot Line-Segment Detector" by N. V. Nguyen, R. Jenssen and D. Roverso, accepted to the journal Machine Vision and Applications.

  • Robert was a panelist at the NORA.startup kick-off: [link to recording].

  • UiT Machine Learning Group represented with five papers at the IEEE IGARSS 2020.

  • New article published at the IEEE Radar Conference 2020.

  • New paper! A novel Dissimilarity Measure for Prototypical Few-Show Learning Networks accepted for ECCV.

  • PhD-Student Daniel Trosten wins best master's thesis award for 2019.

  • The UiT Machine Learning Group is now heading a Centre for Research-based Innovation entitled Visual Intelligence.

  • New paper! Deep generative models for reject inference in credit scoring. R. Mancisidor et al. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2020.

  • Robert Jenssen's keynote talk at the Swedish Symposium on Deep Learning, March 16-17 2020, cancelled due to the corona virus situation.

  • Robert Jenssen's invited talk at the Norwegian Association of Hospital Pharmacists, March 12 2020, cancelled due to the corona virus situation.